CV & Interview Support

On Saturday 23rd February, CUEA ran a mock interview and CV review event in conjunction with CUES. The event ran from 10:00-13:00 and was held at Cambridge University’s Engineering Department. 6 volunteers, including CUEA committee members, were involved. 

Volunteers interviewed in pairs where possible and students were mostly interviewed by a volunteer with a similar engineering background to that which they had chosen to specialise in or were thinking of specialising in. 15 students were interviewed in total, and feedback from students on the interviews was good, with various comments on how useful it was to have a short interview and then be given feedback on how they did, which is a rarity from most job interviews.

Volunteers commented that the students performed well in most cases. However, it was noted that knowledge of product development was poor, and this information will be fed back to the Engineering Department for curriculum review. CV reviews were conducted, and feedback was given on how to improve them further.

Read the full report here.