CUEA is an organisation for all Cambridge University members, past and present, who are affiliated with Engineering.

The object of the Association, as set out in 1928, shall be the advancement of the welfare and interests of the University of Cambridge. Under these overall objects the Association seeks to bring the experience and capabilities of Alumni to contribute to the education and development of today’s students and researchers; and to encourage Alumni to continue their development and maintain their professional effectiveness through contact with other Alumni and the ongoing work of the University Engineering Department. We are also a recognised alumni group of the University of Cambridge.

Governance and Constitution

The Association has four Trustees and then a governing body of up to 16 Executive Committee Members, including 4 Officers. The current members of the committee are listed below, along with the Administrative Assistants of the Association.

You can view CUEA's current constitution here.


Brian Phillipson


Richard Prager

Vice President

Anne Waldock


Rich Roebuck


Committee Members

Aurelia Hibbert

Francisco Gomez

Sam Massey

Dimitri Goulandris

Henry Reynolds

Tom Ridgman

David Adamson

Leo Aristodemou

Steven Adams

Ed Broadhead

Matt Haslett