CUEA Mentoring Scheme

CUEA have identified that a mentoring scheme could provide CUED students a fast start in the engineering profession by connecting them with like-minded mentors who can coach them in what to expect of and how to navigate real-world engineering, how to apply for jobs, how to plan for a career or how to develop useful extra-curricular skills. The scheme will complement the academic excellence of CUED and should be mutually beneficial and rewarding for mentee and mentor alike.

On March 8th, 2019 we launched our Mentoring Pilot Scheme in conjunction with CUES (Cambridge University Engineers’ Society). The launch event was hosted at CUED and prospective mentees were presented with the benefits that mentoring could bring to their personal development and employability. The scheme was well received and resulted in 60 prospective mentees who wish to participate.

CUEA have reviewed a number of schemes in other universities and have found that the key to a successful outcome is the initial matching of mentor to mentee. If you wish to participate as a mentor in this scheme, we would like to invite you to take a few minutes to fill out and submit the online application form below. Our prospective mentees have already returned similar forms. In order to begin the match-making process in a timely fashion, we hope to receive submitted mentor application forms by 20th April.

The CUEA team will review the applications after 20th April and make the introductions of mentors and mentees during May and June. The pilot will then run for six months during which time we will monitor progress and at the end, ask for feedback and review the pilot’s success in anticipation of rolling out a larger scale scheme next year.

If you are interested in helping develop this system, please contact