Mentoring Scheme 2021/22

CUEA's exclusive mentoring scheme is now live on Aluminati!

You can register for the current cohort using the steps below.

1. Register your Alumni Careers Connect account

Make your way to University of Cambridge Alumni Careers Connect and log in to your account if you are already have one, or register to create a new account, using the 'Sign Up' or 'Create an account' options.

2. Create your profile

Create your Careers Connect profile by filling out the fields on the 'Profile' tab; the more fully you can fill them out, the better the search functions will work. There are options for synchronising with LinkedIn, through the 'in Sync' button on your profile. This will automatically fill in some of the fields based on your LinkedIn profile.

3. Access the CUEA-exclusive area

The CUEA-exclusive area is only visible to those who have listed an engineering-affiliated department and faculty in their profile. To check this, go to 'My Profile' and look under the 'Cambridge Education' section.

Use the top menu bar to navigate to 'Mentor programme'. This will take you to a page with a further menu - from here, select 'Other Programmes' and select CUEA Mentoring from the list. At the bottom of the CUEA Mentoring page there are options to join as a mentor and/or mentee.

4. Get started on finding a mentoring relationship

To find a mentor or mentee, use the ‘Directory’ tab at the top of the screen. Once in the directory, there is a keyword search function at the top and filters on the left which can help you find the right person.